Zentyal ddns-client-fqdn complaints.

If you’re seeing complaints in the Zentyal log file like Text::DHCPLeases::Object::parse Error:

Change the following.
in the file /usr/share/perl5/Text/DHCPLeases/Object.pm
find the struct declaration and alter the last lines as below.

'ddns_rev_name' => '$',
'ddns_fwd_name' => '$',
'ddns_txt' => '$',
'ddns_client_fqdn' => '$'

Then, in the same file, find the parse function and again, alter the last lines of the function

}elsif (/set ddns-rev-name = \"(.*)\";/o){
$obj{ddns_rev_name} = $1;
}elsif (/set ddns-fwd-name = \"(.*)\";/o){
$obj{ddns_fwd_name} = $1;
}elsif (/set ddns-txt = \"(.*)\";/o){
$obj{ddns_txt} = $1;
}elsif (/set ddns-client-fqdn = \"(.*)\";/o){
$obj{ddns_client_fqdn} = $1;
carp "Text::DHCPLeases::Object::parse Error: Statement not recognized: '$_'\n";
return \%obj;

When you’ve done..
sudo service zentyal webadmin restart

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