Solar Storm Front Light

So whilst I’ve been waiting for the LBS to rebuild my front wheel with dynamo, I’ve had to come up with alternative light arrangements.   A friend recommend the SolarStorm lights.  So I went out and bought this….

  • It’s a simple arrangement – light fixes to bars via a thick stretchy band.
  • Battery has a velcro strap that allows you to fix the battery to the frame
  • Lead on light plugs into lead on battery and then you screw it together to avoid it coming undone whilst riding.

There is a button which has four settings depending on the number of times you press it:

  1. Press once – you get daylight
  2. Press twice – you get a bright summers day
  3. Press three times – the ISS can see you from orbit!
  4. Press four times – the darkness envelopes you.

Battery life is around 4 hours on ‘daylight’ setting and about an hour on ‘View from orbit’ setting.

All in all, well worth spending £18 (off ebay).

Final note – cars dip their headlights when you approach!

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