Hard work

So this weekend just gone, I popped up to see my parents up in Cumbria and took the opportunity to do a little cycling.

The first eight miles to Little Salkeld were reminiscent of Cornwall.  Very steep but short brutal hills.  After a most pleasant tea and cake at Little Salkeld Watermill, I headed up to Hartside Cafe.  This is on the C2C Route 7 route at is 1903 ft.  There is a lovely cafe at the top which is well worth a visit.

The journey on the way down however – awesome! 

Four seasons in one day

We’ve done it!

The Mad March hare Sportive 2015. A tale of wind, rain, sleet, beautiful sunshine, and more rain.

Weather for 1st March 2015

We set off from the start line after a little splash of rain and sleet, all in good spirits and looking forward to the ride (if not the climb). The first 30k’s seemed to go quickly as we cycled South through Ullenhall, and further on to cross the river at Welford-On-Avon.

As we carried on through 38 and 50k’s we could see our challenge in the distance, and soon after we turned towards the village of Saintbury it started. For just under two miles it was a low gear grind punctuated by the odd pause to allow the heart to slow down and return back inside the chest. 600 vertical feet later, and a few deep breaths we were rewarded with an amazing view Half way upand an even better downhill stint.

The return route crossed itself a couple of times and as we passed the 55km mark the downhill section from the start, turned into an uphill section to the finish. The final 20k’s were a drag on our tired legs and the miles seemed to pass slowly. Every little push from the (sort of) tailwind was a blessing, and the squalls, gusts and freezing rain were not. After a short stop at the refueling point for more flapjacks, energy drink and tea we were on the final 15 miles, and after six and a half hours of pedalling, we turned and saw the finish point – a great feeling, as was the feeling of a bacon sarnie and a tea in the hand.

Frank and I looked on this as a taster for some of the LeJog days – kit performed well: we performed well. Great support from the organisers and other riders – just move it to the Summer please 🙂

And one more thing, would it be too much to ask that the ones who use energy gels, and throw the empties on the road; please don’t. It’s not the best advert for a cycle ride.

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/madmarchhare-workout.gpx”]

Solar Storm Front Light

So whilst I’ve been waiting for the LBS to rebuild my front wheel with dynamo, I’ve had to come up with alternative light arrangements.   A friend recommend the SolarStorm lights.  So I went out and bought this….

  • It’s a simple arrangement – light fixes to bars via a thick stretchy band.
  • Battery has a velcro strap that allows you to fix the battery to the frame
  • Lead on light plugs into lead on battery and then you screw it together to avoid it coming undone whilst riding.

There is a button which has four settings depending on the number of times you press it:

  1. Press once – you get daylight
  2. Press twice – you get a bright summers day
  3. Press three times – the ISS can see you from orbit!
  4. Press four times – the darkness envelopes you.

Battery life is around 4 hours on ‘daylight’ setting and about an hour on ‘View from orbit’ setting.

All in all, well worth spending £18 (off ebay).

Final note – cars dip their headlights when you approach!

Squishing Dovecot

Just had a slight hiccup with Dovecot after the latest zentyal component update.

I’ve added zlib compression to my IMAP folders, and after the update, this setting was lost from dovecot.conf. It seems that with compressed files in the maildir and without the zlib plugin, dovecot gets a little confused whereby it alters the S=UNCOMPRESSEDFILESIZE tag on the mail file.

This will sort it (crudely)

# Check mail file S-size
if [[ $1 == "" ]]; then
echo $0 "You need to pass a folder"
exit -1

tocheck=`find $1 -maxdepth 1 -iname ‘*,S=*’ -print`
for filename in $tocheck; do
echo Looking at $filename
iszipped=`file $filename | grep gzip` filesize=`gunzip -l $filename | awk ‘NR==2 {print $2;}’`
if [[ ${#iszipped} -gt 1 ]]; then
newfilename=`echo $filename | sed -e ‘s/S=[0-9]*:/S=’$filesize’:/’`
echo \t\t\tAltering $filename to S=$filesize
mv $filename $newfilename
done; [/code]