New project




After inheriting the Orion scope I spent a little time tidying and modifying. Now it’s time to look at the mount and controller. The Vixen mount does have a rudimentary ‘go to’ controller albeit a 1980’s monster. I’ve enlisted an Arduino, a couple of stepper drivers and the AstroEQ software to bring the controller into the modern era. This will allow control of the scope through EQMOD project.

So far I’ve tested the stepper motors using a simple breadboard rig and test software on the Arduino. Next step is to send the AstroEQ software to the Arduino for testing.

LX200 Upgrade journey – Focuser

The first upgrade was always going to be the focuser. The standard orion 1.25″ just isn’t up to holding a modern DSLR, so I purchased a 2″ Skywatcher Crayford style.

And after spending a fair bit of time, measuring, marking, re-measuring and double-checking my marking and measuring, I took the plunge with a drill and a grinder.

2013-09-20 11.05.33

A couple of holes need filling, and I shall blast the hammer finished metalwork. Then it’s off to the painters for a fresh new coat of white for the tube, and satin black for the accessories.

I also have access to a vinyl cutter machine at work, so reproducing the stickers is not a problem.