The Light Spur – one way to be seen

Light SpurSo I’ve started training for LeJog 2015 by cycling to work.  This is largely in response to Stovesy continually sending me little updates via mapmyride that every day he has cycled x miles.  My ride to work involves an 8 mile cycle ride through deepest darkest (it is very dark at this time of the year at 7.00am) suburbia into the centre of Birmingham.   Then it’s an equally dark ride bike home at 6.00pm at night.   Whilst I’ve got a particularly bright front and rear light set up, what I was noticing that I wasn’t being seen from the side.  Given that most car drivers are blind to cyclists, something had to be done.

I came across the Nathan LightSpur whilst browsing Amazon and thought I’d give it a go.   It can be used by cyclists and runners alike and it’s bright!  It gives off a particularly bright light and I noticed an immediate difference in traffic not trying to run me over.   The light is activated from the side and has two modes – flashing or static.

So if you fancy being seen at night – this will certainly help!

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