Linkstation LS-XL rsync

The linkstation firmware is a pain. No TELNET or SSH access by default, and seeming no reliable way of enabling and persisting any access changes you make. I want to use my Linkstation to mirror a main SMB server. I’d been using RSYNC over SSH as shown in many a blog; and it worked OK. But, after every power cycle, I’d have to go though the SSH enable procedure on the linkstation – a P.I.T.A.

But after probing the open ports on the Linkstation, I found that port 873 was listening – the RYSNC port.

Every share with the ‘Disk Backup‘ flag enabled has an associated RSYNC module .

Querying the RYNC daemon with

[code]rsync <ip-address/hostname>::[/code]

Lists all available RSYNC modules on the host, and these can be used as the target of your RSYNC command.

[code]rsync -rltDv /path/to/local/sync/source/ <ip-address/hostname>::<module-name>[/code]

Ensure you add the final / on the source folder path, and everything works fine.