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A cracking post by Cory, found on a backup of the old kite-Air site from 2005.

Went down the race track today with the guys Mark, Kez, Barny and Steve. Got there and realized that I only had the g13 with me in the bag which was a bit of a downer but it would give me some time to set it up properly.

We’d been flying for a bit when a big weather front came through the kite was just hoisting me up into the air and down wind on full depower (no big deal) then steve came to give me a hand and pull me in.

Most of the way in steve was flying me like a kite holding my harrness we got back to the bags and I pulled my safety,

Steve put my board on my kite; Kez pulled his safety as well just as it started to blow big time 30mph+.

I looked round to see mark being lofted high on his 15metre I shouted to him to pull his safety as he does.

I ran over to help him not thinking that my kite was not pegged down the wind gets under my kite and starts to take it across the field towards the white fence that goes round the field.
It wraps its self round this so I run for the bar as I get to the bar the safety is tangled all round it so I just dive on the lot with the bar behind me and the kite in front, at this point the barrier gives way the kite shoots straight up for twelve o’clock the bar goes under me and raps around my leg at which point I start to take off across the field by my leg towards a 8 foot fence with barb wire on it.

Luckily I manage to free my leg and the kite shoots up and over the fence and the road and into the hotel car park stopped only by the bar being tangled round a fence post we run over and manage to get the kite which is flapping with lots of power all over the carpark under control luckily my kite is all in good nick and I escaped with just a dirty back and arse.

Mark however ended up with a badly twisted or broken little finger.

Lessons learnt today.
Always peg your kite down the board on its own is not enough now winter is here.
Never put yourself in-between the bar and the kite.
Be well aware of weather fronts coming in and get your kite out of the sky well in time
Keep smiling
So all in all a good day to remember you are small and your kites are very big be careful

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