Black Rock

As ever Black Rock Sand came up trumps with hard sand and good winds. A 17mph cross-on gave the Guerilla something to cling on to and I managed to remember how to jump (little ones) Bring on the next.

Hangtime !

Dead right ! Loads of float and hardly and mad kite moving !   Fifteen Seconds !

Mr Darko ?

And another from a guy called Donnie Darko?? Tyler and Judge G ! When r you two going to get married your like a couple of fighting pussy cats. And as for you Judge G your buggy skills or should I say buggy crashes are great you need some kite lessons maybe that Tyler guy ...

From the Kite Air Archives

A cracking post by Cory, found on a backup of the old kite-Air site from 2005. Went down the race track today with the guys Mark, Kez, Barny and Steve. Got there and realized that I only had the g13 with me in the bag which was a bit of a downer but it would ...


Am keeping a keen eye on this baby. [eBay item=”330806558709″]

Barneys Old Vids

Some stuff from Ruddington

Amazing day at Black Rock Sands

Amazing day at Black Rock Sands
An amazing weekend at Black Rock Sands.     Piccies by Rab.

Cory at Ruddington 1

Boosting on that new 18m Phantom. (Yeh, the video with the clocks…)

No Pain ! 1

I think we all felt the pain after this session at Barney’s Hill.

The Fall Guy

A quiet day at York race course I seem to remember. Let’s stack some Phantoms…..   (Dobbo giving some well needed pulling assistance)