Black Rock

As ever Black Rock Sand came up trumps with hard sand and good winds. A 17mph cross-on gave the Guerilla something to cling on to and I managed to remember how to jump (little ones) Bring on the next. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Hangtime !

Dead right ! Loads of float and hardly and mad kite moving !   Fifteen Seconds ! Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Mr Darko ?

And another from a guy called Donnie Darko?? Tyler and Judge G ! When r you two going to get married your like a couple of fighting pussy cats. And as for you Judge G your buggy skills or should I say buggy crashes are great you need some kite lessons maybe that Tyler guy ...

From the Kite Air Archives

A cracking post by Cory, found on a backup of the old kite-Air site from 2005. Went down the race track today with the guys Mark, Kez, Barny and Steve. Got there and realized that I only had the g13 with me in the bag which was a bit of a downer but it would ...


Am keeping a keen eye on this baby. [eBay item=”330806558709″] Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Barneys Old Vids

Some stuff from Ruddington Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Amazing day at Black Rock Sands

Amazing day at Black Rock Sands
An amazing weekend at Black Rock Sands.     Piccies by Rab. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Cory at Ruddington 1

Boosting on that new 18m Phantom. (Yeh, the video with the clocks…) Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

No Pain ! 1

I think we all felt the pain after this session at Barney’s Hill. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

The Fall Guy

A quiet day at York race course I seem to remember. Let’s stack some Phantoms…..   (Dobbo giving some well needed pulling assistance) Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest