Proof Of The Pudding

Proof Of The Pudding
Thanks to the lovely @mrsstoves for her assistance I’ve managed to create a half decent looking cake. I also realise that I need to wear my glasses when reading recipes. But the proof of the pudding…… Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Poppy and pint

Poppy and pint
Pint at the end of the rainbow Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

KiteAir Report – Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! or The Good, The Bad, And the Soaking stovesy Saturday 18 June 2005 Well, this trip had it all. We (Stovesy, Dobbo & Scratcher) arrived at around 4:30, and driving down into the Ho! got our first look at the surf. Surf was UP ! that meant wind was up !. The cleanest ...

KiteAir Report – Phantom by Adamski

PL Phantom Overview by adamski on Friday 10 December 2004 You MAY have heard of these Phantoms… they are the flavour of the month on the forums and everyone seems to have a view… it matters not if they have flown them. A review by (And many thanks to) Adamski I was happily flying my ...

KiteAir Report – 10.5m Blade III

Blade III 10.5 by Brine Boy on Thursday 07 October 2004 I was after more power and more lift!!!! I have a Blade III 6.6 and love it!! Why not try a 10.5 someone said so I did!!! After picking the kite up from Airboss, I was desperate to have a play, mainly to see ...

KiteAir Report – Flexifoil Bullet

Bullet Review by Brine Boy on Sunday 21 November 2004 When ever you get a new kite to play with it’s so easy to rip open the packaging, attach the lines and show your flying companions what your latest toy can do without paying any attention to the instructions or bag just because it’s something ...

KiteAir Report – Airboss Freestyle Comp ’05

Here’s a write-up from the old KiteAir site by Steve.   Airbossworld Freestyle Landboarding Competition. Steve Saturday 08 January 2005 First, Let’s set the scene As usual, we’re all there in the no-wind, hoping that just a little bit of a breeze might get our kites airborne, when someone says ‘Did you know: Airboss are ...


Given that account the heave-ho until they decide to change the terms and conditions. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest


Cycling to work I just had to stop and snap the river Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Black Rock

As ever Black Rock Sand came up trumps with hard sand and good winds. A 17mph cross-on gave the Guerilla something to cling on to and I managed to remember how to jump (little ones) Bring on the next. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest