The Mad March Hare 2015 1

The Mad March Hare 2015
The Mad March Hare is a 115km mini-Sportive taking place on Sunday 1st March 2015. It will be the first long-ish run for Frank and I together in 2015, and a great shake down for the bikes and kit. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Monkey Feet

Monkey Feet
Mrs Bev has not stopped raving about her new purchase. The barefoot life that is the Vibram Alitza. I can’t explain how nice they are Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Fitting SKS road mudguards to the Boardman Hybrid Pro.

Fitting SKS road mudguards to the Boardman Hybrid Pro.
A fairly straight forward fit, but a few things to note. The front mudguard is the trickiest. The fixing to attach the supporting clip to the forks is not long enough – I bought a 70mm M5 hex bolt from ebay to do the trick, and remember, not too tight; the carbon won’t like it. The ...

The only thing left is the frame 1

The only thing left is the frame
Back in 2013 when I decided I was going to do LeJog I bought myself a bike.  That bike was the Kona Dewdrop – a rather splendid bike that suited my style of riding.  Essentially I will cycle on everything from road to canal path to dirt track.   The Dewdrop is a hybrid bike with ...

Crash Report – 22/01/2015 21:28

Crash Report - 22/01/2015 21:28
Just a note that the laptop is on battery Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

Crash Report – 22/01/2015 20:42

Crash Report - 22/01/2015 20:42
It seems that the “ForceSessionDrawsVirtualFramebuffer” change “NO” to “YES” has done very little. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

The Light Spur – one way to be seen

The Light Spur - one way to be seen
So I’ve started training for LeJog 2015 by cycling to work.  This is largely in response to Stovesy continually sending me little updates via mapmyride that every day he has cycled x miles.  My ride to work involves an 8 mile cycle ride through deepest darkest (it is very dark at this time of the ...

Mavic A719

Mavic A719
The Mavic A719 – I had to write about this rim; it’s bullet proof in my humble  opinion.   Last year I used this rim on the front of my bike to travel down tow paths, rough tracks with an extra 10kg of weight in the panniers.   Now I’m not a sprite of a lad ...


Just stumbled upon a really easy to use and informative site analyser to help with SEO, speed and social sharing. No sign up, although there is a pro option, and the suggestions and optimisations are clear and easy to understand. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterest

WordPress Montezuma theme on Safari

Wordpress Montezuma theme on Safari
There’s a slight rendering problem with the Montezuma theme under Safari. Any posts with a featured image, show the post text underneath the featured image. This is caused by the img_greyscale function reading the offsetWidth and offsetHeight properties from the owning object. It seems Safari is at odds with this. Alter the function in wp-content/uploads/montezuma/javascript.js (you ...