Squishing Dovecot

Written by stovesy

Just had a slight hiccup with Dovecot after the latest zentyal component update.

I’ve added zlib compression to my IMAP folders, and after the update, this setting was lost from dovecot.conf. It seems that with compressed files in the maildir and without the zlib plugin, dovecot gets a little confused whereby it alters the S=UNCOMPRESSEDFILESIZE tag on the mail file.

This will sort it (crudely)

# Check mail file S-size 
if [[ $1 == "" ]]; then
 echo $0 "You need to pass a folder"
 exit -1

tocheck=`find $1 -maxdepth 1 -iname '*,S=*' -print`
for filename in $tocheck; do
 echo Looking at $filename
 iszipped=`file $filename | grep gzip` filesize=`gunzip -l $filename | awk 'NR==2 {print $2;}'`
 if [[ ${#iszipped} -gt 1 ]]; then
  newfilename=`echo $filename | sed -e 's/S=[0-9]*:/S='$filesize':/'`
  echo \t\t\tAltering $filename to S=$filesize
  mv $filename $newfilename

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